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BodyBiVi Products Lose Weight Loss body bi vi

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Here is a must read. Take a look at this Testimony: This is an actual testimony of someone with bypass surgery... From Sherri F

"I lost most of my weight without the surgery on my first 90 Days. My goal at that time was to do as much as I could in that time. I was having horrible heart issues that included skipping heart beats, fading out, double beating and racing. I prayed every single night that I would wake up in the morning so that my hubby and my 3 boys would not find me dead. I could not let them have to go through that...even though everyone was thinking that might happen. I was doing weekly cardiologist appointments and occasional emergency room visits. My cardiologist referred me to another cardiologist that specializes in heart rhythms and they wanted me to go in and have parts of my heart killed off that was causing the issues. Thankfully he refused and told me I would never loose any weight except on a zero calorie diet. Nice bedside manners huh? So no answers to why this was happening, and the 4 heart medications only enhanced on of the other issues but helped another one. And on top of all of that I had 2 damaged valves, a enlarged right atrium chamber, damaged lungs, thyroid issues all because I took the diet drug phenfen. I did loose weight, around 50 pounds of 8 months, but at what cost to my body? After all of that to deal with I was a type 2 diabetic, had bulging disks, degenerative disk and facet disease, RLS, fibromylatia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, severe depression and severe asthma. I am usually hospitalized 2 times in the winter because I can't breath with the crappy air we have here in the wintertime. I was taking 15 different medications and Loratab 10 pain pills every 4 or so hours. I took daily naps up to 5 hours a day plus sleep 10 hours at night. My feet was swollen to the point they was shinny and purple and ready to break open at any moment, and I was taking two meds to help with that issue and it wasn't doing anything. I couldn't walk across a room without being soaked in sweat and out of breath and stayed in the house most of the time. My oxygen level was between 70 and 80 and I refused to wear oxygen 100% of the time. I had sleep apnea and slept with 5 liters of oxygen plus a cpap machine. I knew I needed to loose weight and I have tried every diet on the planet and none of them have worked. I could not exercise and the first couple of side effects of medications was weight gain. I wasn't a size 3 and never have been, but growing up I was quite active. I took state in shot put, placed in the top 3 in the discus and javelin and went to the Junior Olympics when it was here in Utah. Played volley ball with my church and we went to state and won. And I played soccer in grade school and our team took our division several times. So how did I become an extremely over weight person hating what I had become? I didn't pig out and eat 3 Big Macs in one sitting. I can't tell you where I went wrong, I do know I am or was an emotional eater. And this was my downfall. If I have junk food in my house, you betcha I will eat it. So I never bought it on a regular basis. I knew I needed to do something, but was so scared of everything and what was in them. So when I was told it was all natural, tasted amazing and I could have flavors like chocolate peanut butter cup or strawberry cheesecake....sign me up. LOL I still wasn't convinced it would work or taste good. Boy was I wrong. On my first 90 Day Challenge I lost 122 pounds, 18.5 inches and off 10 medications. I was thrilled with the results. And the day after my first 90 Day Challenge, I went in for gastric bypass surgery. It was a choice made out of desperation because I was finally stable enough to do it, and when you are told you might have to have a heart transplant or open heart surgery in the next few years, you listen to the doctor and trust their judgment. I regret that I had the surgery, because I had so many problems and complications that went with it. I was almost septic, had an abscess that went half way down into my abdomen cavity, had to be on home health for 3 months, had multiple emergency room visits and a second surgery just 13 days later. The reason I use the shakes before, after and during my surgery is that they have improved my health so much and I will never ever be with out them. I truly think they have saved my life. And they taste good and I can make almost any flavor I crave. I make 90% of my shakes with water and they taste just as good with less calories. As of right now, I am down over 200 pounds, lost 56 plus inches and off 15 medications. I am still dropping weight and when I don't have them I am tired and don't have much energy. They are the healthiest thing I can put in my mouth without the chemicals that is good for me. I still have issues to this day from surgery, I toss my food around 2 times a week if I don't chew it properly or eat slow. And I know that I need nutrition somewhere and the shakes give me that. I don't crave the bad not good for you junk food anymore, and my emotional eating is almost not there anymore. I crave the shakes and the way it makes me feel yet I can have something similar that tastes naughty for you, but it isn't. I try and eat lots of salmon, chicken and steamed veggies, along with string cheese and raw almonds as my protein snacks. I drink a ton of ice water (because your body has to warm it up to break it down) and I read labels and make smart choices on what myself and my family eats. I learned that when you think you are hungry 9 times out of 10 you are dehydrated so try some water before you eat something. I eat on a saucer and it is a foot from the edge of the table. I take a bite, put down my fork and put my hands in my lap. It may take me 10 times longer to eat than the next person, but that is okay. I have a shake around 10am, snack around 12:30pm, snack around 2:30 pm, lunch/dinner around 4:30pm and then last shake around 7pm. I have learned to love me...all of me....thinner, fatter, happy, sad, funny and crazy...it is all me. You have to be your number one fan...because if you can't love you and all your craziness that comes with you...how is the world? Don't knock yourself down when you haven't had a perfect day, just try and make tomorrow a better one. And remember this is not a diet...you are improving your life and making choices that will effect you and those around you. Be positive and learn to smile and laugh...even if it is you that you are laughing at."

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Take your Health into your hands and decide to Lose Weight with Body By Vi or just simply tone up for the new you and the NEW YEAR. Get Ready to wear your beautiful swim suit or bikini for the summer. Join us as we have decided to lose that extra weight. We have also decided that we wanted to earn the extra income and we are doing that by getting those green checks in the mail each month. Choose your health today lets beat obesity. Watch this video above about the Business on a napkin. Very Interesting.

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